Powerstar Trailer Review – RGV Personal Attack on Pawan Kalyan


Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming direct-to-home release Powerstar Trailer has leaked on Wednesday ahead of its official launch on RGVWorldTheatre. Soon after, the filmmaker too released the Powerstar trailer online and in no time, RGV realized the damage. But on RGV world theatre, many people have paid money in advance to watch the trailer and so RGV has decided to pay back those people who have already subscribed. Also, the director said he would be unveiling the high-resolution POWERSTAR official Trailer directly on YouTube.

RGV took to social media and said that it’s being suspected that the trailer was leaked by one of their own office staff. He also took full responsibility and said that whoever has paid for the trailer will be returned their money on priority. “POWER STAR trailer which was supposed to release at 11 AM today has leaked out …we suspect that it is the work of one of our own office staff ..we take full responsibility and all people who paid for the trailer will be returned their money ASAP,” read his tweet.


Powerstar Trailer Review 

The Powerstar trailer features Pawan Kalyan staying at his isolated farmhouse spending his quality time with family and domestic animals. The Powerstar film is based on Pawan Kalyan’s political failure and poll drubbing where he had lost in the two seats he had contested. Breaking his TV to his Russian wife to a phone call from Pune to Mega Star to Trivikram Srinivas to Bandla Ganesh to Chandrababu to Kathi Mahesh, Ram Gopal Varma did try his best to show Pawan Kalyan in the worst way possible.

Pawan Kalyan has been showcased as a mere cry-baby at portions. In fact, Pawan Kalyan is seen as beating his speech-writer and director and close friend. Ram Gopal Varma has shown Power star Pawan’s frustration post-election defeat and why he hadn’t got votes though there were huge crowds, whistles, and claps for his public meetings and speeches.

The making is of poor standards. RGV has yet again stooped so low in demeaning Power Star. PowerStar Full Movie is set for release on July 25 at www.RGVworldtheatre.com. With already Pawan Kalyan fans venting out their frustration, one has to wait and see how they would react to the trailer which showcases their favourite star in poor light.

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