What are the Benefits of Karungali Malai?

Wearing Karungali Mala is believed to bring success, foster career growth, prevent financial constraints, promote peace of mind, remove persistent barriers to victory, eliminate laziness, anxiety, and mental fear.

karungali malai benefits

Recently, along with Rudraksha, Karungali Malai/ebony malai is also becoming popular among people. Especially since many movie celebrities have started using it, it is also becoming popular among the general public. Due to this, the sale of ebony (karungali kattai) mala is also increasing. Many people have started using it because of its spiritual, astrological, and medical importance. But the use of ebony wood did not start today, yesterday. For ages, our ancestors have been using this ebony wood in many different and important products.

Ebony is a wonderful tree with medicinal properties and divine powers. Karukali tree has the power to attract electromagnetic radiations and vibrations. Due to this, these ebony trees are used in many places including temple towers, temple statues, stalls, and doors in ancient houses. Ebony can attract divine power. Astrologically speaking, ebony belongs to the planet Mars. Ebony can control the effects or influences of Mars. Health effects will be reduced for those who use products made of ebony, and the malefic effects of lord Mars will be reduced in astrology.


Dhanush karungali malai

What are the Benefits of Karungali Malai?

  • Wearing an ebony garland will increase spiritual strength.
  • Harmful effects and effects caused by Mars will be reduced.
  • Wear it at home as it is said that all deities reside in ebony. Even if you worship it, you will get the grace of all the deities including Kulatheivam. It can destroy negative energies.
  • Use and worship ebony objects to keep the deity always with you.
  • Those facing health problems due to Mars can wear ebony garland. People who are affected by Mars in their horoscope can also wear ebony.

Reasons to Wear Karungali Malai (Ebony):

  • Children wear Karungali Malai to increase memory. Intelligence will increase and they will excel in studies.
  • By wearing ebony mala, there will be business growth. Good profit will also be obtained.
  • Job seekers and working people can get good jobs by wearing this mala and can reach high positions.
  • Due to evil spirits like eye contact, evil spirits, witchcraft, etc. Afflicted people can also wear this garland.
  • Negative things, black material will get rid of the effects caused by it.

How and When to Wear a Karungali Malai?

Anything made of ebony/Karungali can be worn by men, women, children, and adults. Soak the Karungali Malai in plain water or milk for 24 hours. Those who wear it should wear it regularly and watch it well. Ebony Mala belongs to Lord Mars so it is very special to wear it on his Tuesday. The Karungali Malai is best placed on the idol or image of Murugan or Varagi Amman or placed on the feet and worn after worship.

How to Check Karungali Malai Is Original?

To check the authenticity of a Karungali Malai, here are a few steps you can consider:

Buy the garland from trusted and reputed sellers or authorized stores that are known for selling genuine and authentic products. Examine the texture and appearance of the garland. A genuine Karungali garland usually has seeds that resemble small, hard, and round beads. Authentic Karungali malai should feature a dark black hue with dense, heavyweight. Additionally, its surface should be polished smooth with a distinct grain pattern that’s free from cracks and scratches; additionally, it should come complete with a lab testing report certificate to substantiate its authenticity.

To check whether a karungali malai is authentic or counterfeit, place it in a glass of water for a few hours and allow it to soak. If it is genuine, the water should turn dark black due to essential oils present within its makeup; otherwise, it is most likely fake.

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