RGV Talks Bold with Ashu Reddy at Coffee Shop

Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV Full Interview With Ashu Reddy

Rgv talks bold with ashu reddy at coffee shop

The long-awaited interview of director Ram Gopal Varma fans has finally been released on YouTube. However, RGV Talks Bold with Ashu Reddy at Coffee Shop, Ram Gopal Varma got out of the car in style and entered the ice cream parlor Looking at Ashu Reddy taking selfies while looking at the phone there .. Do you remember me? I would say, Ram Gopal Varma. He looks at Ashureddy’s legs pretending not to know who he is. Your *** is good. With this, RGV’s cheek seemed valid, saying Ashu Reddy what the fa *.

Responding to this, Ram Gopal Varma said, “I got your touch like this.” On this occasion, RGV supported his words. ”I complimented you. You have to say thanks for this. After all .. will you break your cheek like this? ” He said. So talk about girls like that? Ashu Reddy asked RGV. In the end .. thanks for not being able to argue with RGV.


RGV Talks Bold with Ashu Reddy

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