RGV Deyyam Movie Review and Rating [2/5] Hit or Flop Talk

RGV Deyyam Movie Review: If you like horror and thriller movies will definitely love the RGV Deyyam Movie 2021

Rgv deyyam movie review and rating hit or flop talk
RGV Deyyam Movie Review and Rating Hit or Flop Talk

RGV Deyyam Movie Review: Ram Gopal Varma and Dr. Rajasekhar earlier worked for the film Patta Pagalu in 2014 but they changed the title to Deyyam and brought it to the theatres now. RGV Deyyam Movie 2021 stars Rajasekhar and Swathi Deekshith in pivotal roles. Let’s See RGV Deyyam Movie Review, Rating, Story, Hit or Flop Talk below:

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RGV Deyyam Movie Story:

RGV Deyyam Movie 2021 story of a mechanic Shankar (Dr. Rajasekhar) and his daughter Vijji (Swathi Deekshith) A College-Going Girl, While Shankar’s life, is going on normally, All of a sudden, Shankar finds his daughter crazy. She starts scaring people at home and the neighbors. A person named Guru enters the body of Viji. This caused unrest in Shankar’s family. In this sequence, the Guru in the form of Viji commits several murders.

Why Guru’s soul entered Viji’s body. What was the vignette that Viji did after the soul entered his body? What was the grief that Shankar experienced while watching Viji’s mental state? What kind of songs did Shankar sing to expel the demon that had joined Viji’s body? Did the guru in the form of a ghost finally leave Viji’s body? The story of the ghost created by Ram Gopal Varma is the answer to the question of how the ghost in the form of Viji took his revenge.

RGV Deyyam Movie Review and Rating:

RGV Deyyam Movie Review:

Ram Gopal Varma never cares about stories. Ghost stories don’t even need big stories. If that element of fear is enough. He saw the need to capture the same element here. Nights  We saw a lot of ghost stories that come in the dark. This time he made an attempt to frighten the daytime’. However, the background of the night seems to be strong enough to create the mood of ‘fear’ while watching the movie. Many people have learned how to make horror movies by watching Ram Gopal Varma. They are intimidating with new generation techniques. RGV is a kind of teacher for all of them.

However, if you see this teacher still following the old method and using the same camera tricks over and over again. they will feel pity, etc. There is no need for a story for ghost stories. But a bit of emotion, a little thread, one, second twists are needed. All in all, the horror story gets the most elevation. Varma did not care. Screaming loudly with the main character (Swathi Deekshith), the father (Rajasekhar) must have comforted the girl. No other scene was seen in the first scene. In fact, RGV has shown similar scenes in old movies.

Why did Psycho Killer Guru soul choose Viji body? Is there any compelling reason for that? Did not show. Doctors are amazed at Viji’s behavior, and demon doctors are chanting lemons and chanting mantras. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Whenever I see late actors like Ahuti Prasad .. the feeling of watching the old movie Osari on the silver screen melts away again.

RGV Deyyam Movie Verdict:

OverAll, Deyyam is a decently made horror flick from Ram Gopal Varma. While the RGV Deyyam movie has seen light after 7 years, the treatment seems fresh and makes a decent watch, Those who enjoy Ram Gopal Varma‘s horror and thriller movies will definitely love the Deyyam movie. Swathi Deekshith’s act will be remembered for quite some time.

RGV Deyyam Movie Rating: 2/5.

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