Zombie Reddy Movie First Look Poster Talk – The first Telugu Zombie Thriller

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Zombie Reddy Movie First Look Poster Review

Zombie Reddy Movie First Look Poster: The Tollywood Young director Prashant Verma has proved that he is unique in making different films through his first film ‘Awe‘. No matter how late, the young director, who is aiming to select selected films and distinctive storylines, made his second film ‘Kalki with Rajasekhar. He planned to make the third film even more different. He announced the film in the context of the latest issue coronavirus.

He has confirmed the title ‘Zombie Reddy’ and released the Zombie Reddy first look and the motion poster comes with the tagline ‘Revenge Of The Dead’. He was frightened by showing a cemetery called Zombie, the atmosphere of the cemetery, the red moon. even more, frightening with the background music. He said that he was going to release the Zombie Reddy motion poster to impress the audience who loves thrilling and horror genres. Zombie Reddy Movie First Look Poster is going viral on social media.


However, Director Prashant Verma said that the Zombie Reddy movie will be based on Corona. With the announcement of a different title like ‘Zombie Reddy’, there is a new interest in everyone. After seeing the Zombie Reddy poster. what has Zombie Reddy got to do with the original Corona? What are you going to show in this movie? People started discussions in the sense that. The Zombie Reddy Telugu movie is set against the backdrop of real events and there is a lot of interest in what message Prashant Verma is going to give to the people.

Zombie Reddy Movie First Look Motion Poster

Rajasekhar Verma is the producer of Zombie Reddy Telugu movie which is being made under the banner of Apple Studios. Music by Mark Kay Robin. The Zombie Reddy movie cast and crew and other details will be announced soon.

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