Zombie Reddy Movie Review and Rating, Hit or Flop Talk

Teja Sajja and Aandhi starrer Zombie Reddy Movie Released in theaters and gets positive talk from movie lovers.

Zombie reddy movie review and rating, hit or flop talk
Zombie Reddy Movie Review and Rating, Hit or Flop Talk

Teja Sajja and Aandhi starrer action horror film Zombie Reddy helmed by Awe and Kalki fame Prasanth Varma is hitting the theaters today on 5th February. Raj Sekhar Varma’s production venture Zombie Reddy is the first zombie film in Telugu cinema and it is set in the Kurnool faction backdrop. Let’s see the Zombie Reddy Movie Review and Rating, Hit or Flop Talk.


Zombie Reddy Movie Story: 

Mario (Teja Sajja) works as a developer of online games. They notice a bug in one of their viral games. Their programmer Kalyan (Mirchi Hemanth) can only fix it. The trouble is: Kalyan is getting married in Kurnool, and he cannot rush to Hyderabad. To save time, Mario and his two other colleagues head to Kurnool to get it fixed.

On their way, their vehicle hits a man and he bites the hand of Mario’s colleague. Once they land in Kurnool, Mario comes to know that a faction leader is waiting to kill Kalyan. He also gets introduced to Nandini Reddy (Anandi), who acts suspiciously. Once the wedding ceremony gets completed, Mario’s friend turns into a zombie, and the entire village also gets infected. How Mario escapes from this village, and how did the villagers turn into zombies?

Zombie Reddy Movie Review and Rating:

Director Prashanth Varma has mixed faction elements with Zombies to make the audiences get connected with this new genre. The basic plot looks interesting but the first half of Zombie Reddy is filled with silly and unwanted entertainment. Except for the interval episode, the first half of Zombie Reddy is disappointing and falls flat. Some of the satires on coronavirus works well.

Zombie Reddy picks up well in the second half. The entire episodes on Zombies are well presented. Prashanth Varma took enough care as he is well aware that the episodes on zombies are quite crucial for the film. Right from their makeup to the presentation, everything looks great and reminds us about Hollywood zombie films. Things go well till the climax and the concluding episodes miss the logic and sound half baked. On the whole, the second half of Zombie Reddy sounds impressive if one ignores the minor flaws.

Zombie Reddy Movie Verdict:

Overall, Zombie Reddy offers a new experience for the Telugu audience who never experienced the genre of Zombies. All in all, Zombie Reddy makes a decent attempt to entertain the audiences, and the director Prashanth Varma is successful in doing the same.

Zombie Reddy movie Rating: 3/5.

Zombie Reddy Movie Rating
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