RGV’s PowerStar Trailer Released on RGV World Theatre

RGVs PowerStar Trailer
RGVs PowerStar Trailer

RGV’s PowerStar Trailer: Ram Gopal Varma is a virtuoso in cashing in on the craze among the masses. RGV is currently doing the same in the case of his latest movie ‘PowerStar’. RGV has recently announced the release of the PowerStar movie. He shared the news through a series of tweets and is first in the world cinema history that a viewer has to pay money to watch RGV’s PowerStar Trailer on RGV World Theatre.

RGV said that the viewer has to pay Rs 25 to watch PowerStar Trailer per view. He also added that the PowerStar movie ticket costs Rs 150 per head plus GST and the RGV’s PowerStar trailer is going to be released on 22nd July. The PowerStar full movie is going to be released on 25th July. (Gaddi Thintava Song)

Watch RGV’s PowerStar Trailer

Ram Gopal Varma also tweeted as “POWER STAR film is about how a film star’s lovingly founded political party miserably fails in the elections making the weakened powerful star self search his mistakes and how his well-wishers and backstabbers join in along with his Russian wife, his loving plants and buffaloes.”

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