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Google Socratic App AI Helps Students in Various Subjects


Google Socratic App Download: Last year, Google acquired Socratic, a mobile learning app that uses AI technology to help high school and university students. As per company claims, it guides them through the resources that are available and identifies the core underlying concepts that will lead them to answers to their questions. In an attempt to make it easier and helpful, the search engine giant Google has made some improvements to it.

With the latest update, students can take a photo of a question or use their voice to ask a question, and it will find the most relevant resources from across the web. When it comes to solving complex problems, the company has built and trained algorithms that look at the student’s question and automatically identify the relevant underlying concepts. Moreover, there are options that enable to break down the concepts into smaller, easy-to-understand lessons.

Interestingly, students can now review what they’ve learned through subject guides on over 1,000 higher education and high school topics. It takes two taps to look up any topic they need to brush up on, get the key points, and then go deeper with helpful resources on the web. The Socratic App is now available today on iOS and will be available on Android in the fall.

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