Kannada Actor Darshan Arrested on Murder Case

Kannada actor darshan arrested on murder case

Kannada star ‘Yajamana’ fame Darshan arrested on murder case: He murdered his fan says cop. Know the details of how ‘challenging’ crime is. Darshan along with his partner Pavitra Gowda and 11 others have been arrested in a murder case. Renuka Swamy, a big fan of darshan, has been sending derogatory comments and texts to Pavitra, which says Pavitra is the reason for the separation of darshan with wife Vijayalakshmi and asked Pavitra to stay away.

Darshan’s actual name is Darshan Toogudeep, having a huge fan base. He is known as a challenging star. He did hit films like Yajamana, Kurukshetra, Gaja, Sarathi, etc., which made him a popular star with a huge fan base.


Police sources said that on June 8 Renuka Swamy was murdered and her body was dumped in foul-smelling drainage in Kamakshi Palya in Bengaluru. First, he was kidnapped from a place called Chitra Durga and taken to a form house in Rajarajeshwarinagar, tortured like hell, and died of injuries at around 11 pm as per sources. He is a pharmacist in Chitra Durga.

After more than 20 hours a body was found, on June 9 with the dogs eating the body was seen by security and informed to the police. Then after an investigation was done, the body was identified as Renuka Swamy.

“On finding an unidentified body of a male aged around 30 years and the injuries on it, a murder case was registered. We have analyzed data using CCTV footage and other technical evidence which helped us identify the deceased as Renuka Swamy,” Bengaluru police commissioner B Dayananda confirmed in a media conference.

He also said that CCTV footage is being analysed and also forensic team of 3 members are working for further clues. Darshan fans association president was also involved in this murder case. His name is Raghavendra.

He further said that Raghavendra who is one of the murderers had picked Renuka Swamy at Chitra Durga and taken him to a go-down where Darshan and Pavitra were also there at the murder site which is visible in CCTV footage. Renuka Swamy was brutally assaulted by the accused along with Darshan and Pavitra. After he succumbed to injuries the body was dumped in a drainage at Kamakshi palya. Police are further investigating over call records for more evidence. Police said they will establish a clear link between darshan and the murder case.

Controversies are not new to the challenging star Darshan as he was involved in many controversies previously. In 2016 March his wife claimed that he hit her and said he would shoot her—bruises were found on her face and head. In 2021 July Darshan assaulted a waiter in a hotel and the waiter paid 50000 rupees to close the case.

In 2022 December he made a cheap comment about the goddess of luck saying she would knock door instead you having to drag her to your bedroom without giving her clothes. In 2023 he was accused of sending dogs on a woman at his car parking, also he was accused of illegally possessing birds which falls under schedule 2 of WPA. So, he was involved in domestic violence, illegal possession of birds, hitting waiters, and now the murder of a fan.

He first entered the film industry as an assistant choreographer and then into acting. He acted in his first film in 2001majestic. He is a screen hero but outside he becomes a villain.

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