Google Question Hub Shut Down; Coming to GSC

Google Question Hub to close down about two years after the service launched. More evidence that Google Question Hub could be coming to GSC.

Google question hub shut down

Google Question Hub is a service provided by Google that allows content creators and publishers to submit questions they would like to have answered by users on the internet. The purpose of the Google Question Hub service is to help these content creators and publishers gather information and ideas for new content. It is intended to be a source of user-generated content that can be used to enrich and improve existing content.

Google Question Hub Shutting Down:

Google will be shutting down the Google Question Hub on January 15, 2023, about two years after the service launched in the United States and several years after it quietly launched in regions like India.


Google posted a message after you login at that says “As of January 5, 2023, the Question Hub beta will end. If you’d like to retain a copy of your data, you can do so via Google Takeout up until March 6, 2023. After that date, Question Hub user data will be deleted.”

Glenn Gabe shared a screenshot on this Twitter account:

What is Google Question Hub?

Google says “Question Hub is a tool that enables creators to create richer content by leveraging unanswered questions on the web today. Google Question Hub collects these unanswered user questions and surfaces them to bloggers, writers, and content creators like you.” Use these as ideas to create your next great content, and grow your audience.

Google Question Hub will be replaced by the Google Search Console “content ideas” feature?

We hope so – we will see if Google goes that route. I always found it weird that Question Hub was not directly built into Google Search Console anyway.

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