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Virgin at 27 Web Series Telugu Watch Online 18+ Only


Virgin at 27 Web Series Telugu is Directed and written by Shyam, Virgin at 27 Telugu Web Series Starring Rakendu Mouli, Shraddha Das, Diksha Pant, Divya Sri, Sudharshan, Nala Jabardasth Venu, Anapurna, Anya, Deepali. The Virgin at 27 Full WebSeries story revolves around a boy who’s many attempts to learn more about $ex and get close to any woman ends up in bad luck. (Virgin Bhasskar)

Ever since his adolescent years, his attempts like – reading adult magazines end up getting caught with by his uncle. During his final years of high school, he gets hold of a porn CD that his grandmother accidentally sees and dies of a heart attack. While in college he makes a bold attempt of hitting on his own professor and ends up embarking himself.

Watch Virgin at 27 Web Series Telugu

His friends and family know of his ill fate and often pull’s his leg with this which is a huge embarrassment for him. He often gives in to the peer pressure and takes drastic steps to shed his tag. The story progresses chronologically with him trying to have $ex or learn more about it at various stages of his life but all his attempts end in failure. He is shrouded in a feeling of worry and fear during his marriage as he fears his wife may also meet the same fate.

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