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Amazon Alexa App for Windows 10 PCs Launched


The Amazon Alexa App for Windows 10 PCs on the Microsoft Store Launched Today. The voice application allows PC owners to speak to Alexa to set reminders, timers, alarms; create lists and to-dos; track their calendar appointments; get news, weather, and other information; play music; listen to podcasts and audiobooks; control the smart home and more.

The app is another way that Alexa is being unhitched from Echo speakers and other devices that generally stay in the home. Similar to the Alexa app for mobile devices, the Windows 10 app means you can use Alexa when you’re traveling for access to content and information, as well as to do things like lock your doors or check your security cameras, for example. The app also offers access to tens of thousands of Alexa skills, says Amazon.

However, some features – including video, communications, Spotify and Pandora – are not supported on the Alexa app for Windows 10 at launch. The app’s arrival comes shortly after Amazon and Microsoft opened up the Alexa-Cortana integration into the public preview, which lets customers call up Cortana through their Echo devices and enable Amazon’s Alexa on Windows 10 devices and on Harman Kardon Invoke speakers.

Some PCs are designated as “Alexa Built-In,” meaning they’re already tuned for Alexa and you’ll be able to speak to Alexa hands-free. These include several PCs from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. The Amazon Alexa app is available for Windows 10 PCs in the US, UK, and Germany, and will be coming to more locations in 2019.

How to Install Amazon Alexa APP For Windows 10 PCs

  1. Download Amazon Alexa App for Windows 10 PCs
  2. Install the app and follow prompts.
  3. Launch app from Start menu.
  4. Log in using your Amazon account.
  5. Those outside the U.S. may need to change system language.
  6. Optionally enable ‘Launch app on sign into this computer’ under Alexa settings for auto-start feature.

Installation of the Alexa app will automatically grab Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 if your PC does not already have it loaded.

Presumably, newer versions of Alexa will become available. This version we are providing is version (Shopping assistant v1.0.200243.0).

If you would like to show the Alexa app all the time in the Windows 10 taskbar go to Windows Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Select which icons appear on the taskbar and enable Alexa (it is off by default).

How to install Amazon Alexa on Windows 10 PC
How to install Amazon Alexa on Windows 10 PC

It is unclear if the Amazon Alexa app will auto-update itself or a new installer will have to be provided later.

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