Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Day 3 Highlights: Lobo’s Funny Skit

Bigg boss telugu 5 day 3 highlights

Bigg Boss season 5 finally took off to an interesting start with drama and emotions flying high right from day 1. From Lahari Shari’s fiery comeback to Siri and Anchor Ravi’s emotional connection with other contestants, the audience are eager to watch what happened on day 3. We at bring you the highlights of the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Day 3 Highlights in the house. 

The night continued from when RJ Kajal was nominated to stay awake for the whole night. Some of the contestants believed that it could be a secret task that would implicate the contestants sleeping before RJ Kajal and hence missing the third thunder. The 3rd day started off with a rife between Lahari Shari and Hamida. Priya, Anchor Ravi, and Nataraj’s master tried to make the both of them reach a truce.


The third thunderstruck when the contestants were least expecting it. Siri successfully placed her hand on the palm scanner and was called into the Power Room. Bigg Boss gave Siri a task where she had to nominate two contestants as Master and Slave. She chose Shanmukh Jaswanth as the master and Lobo as the slave.

Fun ensued when Shanmukh asked Lobo to imitate all the housemates but it was cut short soon enough when Bigg Boss warned Siri that this is a task and be serious at the task at hand. The evening saw Uma raise an issue about food sharing which involved Anee master and the contestants handling kitchen responsibilities.

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