Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Day 2 Highlights: Power Room Challenge

Bigg boss telugu 5 day 2 highlights

The contestants finally spent their second day in the Bigg Boss house and embarked on their journey to win the show. We at bring you the highlights of the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Day 2 Highlights in the house. The day 2nd started with Bigg Boss announcing the first challenge for captaincy. A new concept called the Power Room was introduced for the first time in Bigg Boss Telugu 5.


The challenge involved all the contestants participating in an intense competition which rewards the first contestant to put his hand on a palm scanner. Vishwa was the first contest for captaincy as he won the first round of the challenge After winning the challenge, he was given a task to choose two contestants from the house who will have to pack their belongings including the garments they are wearing at the time and keep them in the storeroom.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Day 2 Highlights:

Vishwa nominated Anchor Ravi and Priya following which Vishwa had a breakdown and confessed his admiration for Anchor Ravi. The second thunder came soon enough and Maanas had his hand in the palm scanner first. He was called into the Power Room by Bigg Boss and was asked to select another candidate, who has to sleep after each and every contestant. Maanas selected RJ Kaajal for this challenge. Arguments broke out soon enough between all the contestants by the end of the second day in the Bigg Boss Telugu House. 

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