KARBON Face Masks That Kills Virus on Contact Launched by Breathe Easy

Karbon face masks that kills virus on contact launched by breathe easy
KARBON Face Masks That Kills Virus on Contact Launched by Breathe Easy

Face masks are the most useful fashion accessory you can buy right now, for every time you step out of the home. Breathe Easy Labs has launched the Made in India Karbon face masks, called Karbon, or KARBON. The Breathe Easy Karbon face masks have a self-sanitizing inner layer and have been rated at a filtration capacity of more than 95%, which means the Karbon mask has higher efficiency than most N95 masks.

The Breathe Easy Karbon face masks are priced at Rs 799 and at this time, these will be available in just the black color option. These masks have been certified by Nelson Labs. The Karbon mask is a three-layer mask. The outer layer is a fabric layer that uses biotechnology to block airborne containments. The double-knit layer further blocks airborne particles that may try to penetrate the third bio-fabric layer and has anti-microbial properties that efficiently kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

The Karbon masks have two layers made of patented fiber that has been sourced from Europe and the US and has been designed using a non-melt blown technique. This means that the Karbon face masks are washable, up to 50 washes. The Karbon mask has been rated to last more than 6 months, something that cannot be said for many other N95 masks. The two layers include the layer that touches your face, which the company claims are extremely soft. The inner layer of the mask is self-sanitizing and is made of high-grade yarn fabric that kills the virus on contact.

“The process of non-contact sanitization is extremely important to stop the spread of airborne infections, and it could be the best strategy to stop the spread of the deadly virus, till the time we have a vaccine available for the same to provide a permanent solution against this virus,” says Breathe Easy in the product description for Karbon. The way the bio-yarn works is that there are chains of molecules with anti-microbial properties grafted into the fabric. “It is this fabric that kills virus, bacteria, and captures airborne pollutants.

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