Louis Philippe UltraProtect Double Defence Mask Launched at 699

Louis philippe ultraprotect double defence mask launched at 699

Louis Philippe UltraProtect Double Defence Mask launched a brand new range of Anti-Viral face masks to offer protection against viruses and bacteria. Considering the ongoing pandemic, the brand has introduced a unique and first-of-its-kind 10-layer Anti-Viral mask range with an objective to offer maximum protection and safety to consumers.

Christened Louis Philippe UltraProtect Double Defence, this newly introduced range of face masks has been created in India, using the Swiss anti-viral technology HeiQ Viroblock. The HeiQ Viroblock fabric is specially infused with virus-resistant properties to ensure safety by inhibiting the persistence and growth of viruses and bacteria on its surface, as tested by AATCC 100 and ISO18184 global standards.


Louis philippe ultraprotect double defence mask

Louis Philippe UltraProtect Double Defence masks constitute a 5-layer mask and 5-layer filter panel. The 5 layers in each mask are made of two layers of premium cotton for comfort and three layers of melt-blown for high filtration (in accordance with ASTM F 2101 tested in a government-approved laboratory). The fabric used is treated with HeiQ Viroblock which results in the destruction of the possible contamination by viruses and bacteria on fabric providing utmost protection. Both the mask and filter are washable and recommended to be reused up to 30 gentle launderings.

Louis Philippe UltraProtect Double Defence masks offer twice the comfort as well other than protection and safety due to their ergonomic design. The Face mask comprises a nose clip for a firm fixture, confirming zero leakage which also helps in preventing fogging on the glasses making it super convenient for people wearing spectacles and sunglasses. This mask comes with softer ear loops, making it easy for users to wear it for a longer duration without any discomfort.

Louis philippe ultraprotect double defence mask

Commenting on the launch, Farida Kaliyadan, COO, Louis Philippe, “As unlocking continues and the threat of the third wave of the deadly virus looms over us, it is essential than ever before that we adopt to the standard protocols and play our part in restricting the spread of the virus. To be prepared and act responsibly is the only means to get through this pandemic at the given moment.

Double Masking is one of the key footsteps towards ensuring safety against the spread of the virus, thereby it is crucial to choose the right mask which has now become an essential part of our attire. Louis Philippe UltraProtect Double Defence masks are engineered with best of anti-viral technology and design technique to ensure twice the safety, protection, and comfort.”

Louis Philippe UltraProtect Double Defence Mask Price:

The UltraProtect Double Defence mask by Louis Phillipe comes in a pack of 2 (which includes 2 masks and 2 filter panels) at a price of INR 699. These masks are available to consumers across the country through exclusive Louis Philippe stores, online through louisphilippe.com and Louis Philippe App, available for download on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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