The E-Commerce Stores in India Disables Cash on Delivery (COD) Option Temporarily

The E-commerce Stores Reaction Over Rs.1000, Rs 500 Denominations Ban In India: After such a historic decision made by the PM Narendra Modi’s Government, everything seems to be changing in our economy right from a very minute issue. Besides most people appreciating these ideologies to reduce black money and others being against the rule, this decision made by the Government last midnight has turned almost everything and e-commerce industry is never an exception. Most of the E-Commerce Websites in India have limited their options for Cash on Deliveries (COD) to the customers while Amazon withheld its facility of exchanging the products for money. Check out 10 things know about Currency Ban ?
Disables Cash on Delivery Option Temporarilyin india
E-Commerce Websites Disabled COD Option

The E-Commerce Stores in India Like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal,Disables Cash on Delivery Option Temporarily

After The banning of the Rs. 500, Rs 1000 denominations is now termed to be the surgical strike on black money and every institute, organization, sector, person are being very careful in dealing with the new change in the system. To be secured and by showing support to the Government’s decision, Amazon has disabled its Cash On Delivery (COD) option to its customers while the products can be bought by paying digital money only.Soon after the overnight decision was made, Amazon posted on its wall saying, “We have disabled COD for you to save cash for essential payments”.

The dealing with the issue on banning certain denominations is actually a task for quite a few days to all those people in the country who buy their products majorly by using the cash and not by other means of internet banking. And now, it is a challenge to accept as most of the shopping sites have withheld their cash payment option except internet banking.
The channel’s reporter Aseem Manchanda tweeted as saying,“Hit for e-commerce companies too? @flipkart has disabled cash on delivery orders for goods worth over Rs 2,000.” Flipkart, on the other hand, started showing a similar message with all those products that prices at more than Rs. 2000. The same step has been taken by the other E-Commerce Websites, Snapdeal which said that Rs. 500, Rs 1000 denominations are strictly not accepted.
Other sites include Paytm which said, “We have only two words for you, Paytm Karo”, soon after the prime Minister released the news. Though, it didn’t seem consistent as some items over Rs. 2000 showed Cash on Delivery while the items below Rs. 500 never showed such option at all.
The Uber cab services also made a statement in its app that the customers can make Cash Payments except using Rs.500, Rs 1000 denominations. Grofer and Ola, on the other hand, did not show any such messages and appear to be accepting cash. Your snacking may turn disappointing with Zomato and if you do not have the option to pay online as they disabled the COD option.
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