Zombie Reddy Movie Trailer Review – Sankranthiki Zombie-lu Vastunnaro!


Director Prasanth Varma is bringing the First Zombie Film in Telugu Cinema and he blended this concept with the current global pandemic Coronavirus and that sets ‘Zombie Reddy.’ Calling the trailer as ‘Big Bite’. Zombie Reddy Movie Trailer starts with PM Narendra Modi’s announcement on coronavirus and lockdown. Actor Teja Sajja who is playing the lead role travels to Rayalaseema to attend his friend’s wedding.


Unexpectedly a woman turns into a zombie and it spreads from here on like how the Covid-19 has blown-out And how zombies are tackled and the village is saved forms the plot. The trailer is entertaining from beginning to the end and there is comedy even in the action episodes too. The Zombie Reddy Movie trailer concludes with a woman shouting “Prathi Sankranthiki Allulu Vastaru.. Ee Sankranthiki Zombie-lu Vastunnaroo!!!” which is hilarious.

Zombie Reddy Movie Cast Teja Sajja, Anandhi, Daksha Nagarkar, Raghu Babu, Prudhvi Raj, Getup Srinu, Harshavardhan, Hemanth, Kireeti, Hari Teja, Adhurs Raghu, Mahesh Vitta, Annapurnamma, Vijay Ranga Raju, Vinay Varma, Naga Mahesh, Priya, Charandeep and Tripuraneni Chitti. 

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