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YouTube Video Annotations Disappears from January 2019


Google announced that all existing YouTube Video Annotations that were created before the annotations editor was discontinued will be removed from videos by early next year. Back in May of 2017, Google discontinued YouTube Video Annotations editor due to creators putting an unreasonable amount of annotations on their videos uploads. These colored blocks caused viewing to become obstructed and, quite frankly, laborious videos looked disorganized, and the pop-ups were distracting.

However, these annotations were a convenient method for video creators to advertise their other content or favorite products or anything else that they wanted to share with their viewers. To answer these needs in a less-obtrusive manner, Google introduced cards and end screens in 2016, both of which are still used today. Youtube Cards are more cleanly designed pop-ups that appear in the top corner at designated points in a video. Tapping on this can open up a menu of additional links, videos, polls, and more all in an organized fashion.

Alternatively, Youtube end screens are a fairly self-explanatory interface option: users can choose that a screen shows up at the end of their video which can feature basically anything they want to highlight — channels, products, even more, links.

YouTube Video Annotations Disappears from January 2019

Both of these work on the mobile platform as well, unlike annotations, and generate seven times more clicks across the platform. YouTube Video Annotations, on the other hand, were far more often closed than they were tapped, so when all are removed as of January 15 of next year, it’s unlikely anyone will be heartbroken.

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