Youtube Acquires Simsim, A Short Video E-Commerce Platform

Simsim enables e-commerce through videos, the creators make a short video of products, and viewers can then buy those products.

Youtube acquires simsim theprimetalks
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Youtube Acquires Simsim is an Indian short video shopping platform that enables e-commerce through videos. With the acquisition, YouTube says it aims to help small businesses and retailers to reach new customers in India. Simsim will continue operating independently, while YouTube looks to work on ways to showcase simsim product offers to its viewers, according to the blog post. Google announced the acquisition through a blog post but did not reveal the financial details of the simsim acquisition.

The Simsim platform enables e-commerce through short videos, the creators make a short video of products, and viewers can then buy those products from local businesses through the Simsim platform. Short Video-driven e-commerce is a growing category, which recently saw another company, Firework, launch in this space.


Youtube Acquires Simsim:

On Simsim, videos are available in three Indian local languages: Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali. YouTube has not offered details on how it plans to introduce this short video shopping feature on its platform. YouTube India says that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Simsim App and expects to complete the transaction in the coming weeks.

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