You Can Unlock Now Google Chromebook with a PIN

Unlock Your Chromebook

Now Google will Unlock Your Chromebook with a PIN Code

Unlock Google Chromebook : Now Google is coming with a new feature that will allow Users protect their Chromebook by entering either using their Google account password or by using a paired smartphone to unlock it. There’s now a third option a simple personal identification number simple numeric code.In a recent post on Google+, developer Francois Beaufort described a new PIN unlock feature for Chromebook. He Also Stated a new feature is still experimental, but that it should make things slightly easier for users.

The Step To Unlock Chrome OS With A Pin Code In Detail Below :

  • Enable the following flag: chrome://flags/#quick-unlock-pin Next, restart Chrome.
  • Once started, navigate to the settings page for Chrome Material Design. This is required so that you can set up the PIN for the Lock Screen.
  • Navigate to the new “Screen Lock” section. Set up the numeric PIN you have chosen for the Lock Screen.
  • Make note of your PIN and then press Search button + L simultaneously to lock the screen.
  • Key in the PIN, and watch yourself unlock the Chrome OS with a code rather than a password.
Francois Beaufort does mention however that the feature is still in the testing phase, but seems to be working properly for now.According to reports, the PIN is only to unlock the device on the lock screen, for convenience sake. It won’t replace the full Google account password required when you startup the device.

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