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WhatsApp Web Allows Voice and Video Calls Support Soon


Messaging App WhatsApp is developing a lot of interesting features of late. The WhatsApp Web is now working to enable voice and video calls. This means that if the feature gets implemented, users will be able to make voice calls or video calls from the web app of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Web Allows Voice and Video Calls Support feature is currently under development and it would only be released in the future.

As per Wabetinfo, WhatsApp is working on the possibilities of making voice and video calls available for WhatsApp web. The traces of the upcoming feature has appeared on the new beta update for Android. “We have already announced that WhatsApp was working on Calls. Today we are happy to announce new details, provided from the WhatsApp Web 2.2043.7 update!WhatsApp is considering the idea to offer Voice and Video Calls in the next few weeks, even if the development is in a beta-stage,” the report by Wabetainfo read.

Wabetainfo has also shared some of the screenshots of how the feature will work or look once it is implemented. It can be seen that when you receive a call on WhatsApp, a window will open up where you can decide what to do with the call. You can either accept it or decline it.

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WhatsApp Web Allows Voice and Video Calls Support

However, when you make a call through the WhatsApp web, the window will be a little different from what it was when you received the call. The window will be smaller and would include the status of the call. The WhatsApp features tracker also stated that the users will also be able to make group voice calls and video calls once the future is rolled out.

So WhatsApp’s new group call feature can also double up as a professional video conferencing platform for smaller groups. It is far easier to connect and you would not even require any passwords to join a call.