Whats App Updates add Callback,Voicemail & Zip File Sending Feature

WHATSAPP USERS : Facebook-owned WhatsApp has made a deluge of changes to its cross-platform messaging service of late. Most recently came end-to-end encryption and support for the sharing of documents. With over one billion active users and counting, file transfer seems to be high up on the agenda, and pretty soon, ZIP files could also be part of the bargain. With the VoIP aspect of WhatsApp now well established, voice calls may also be enhanced by call-back and voicemail support.
Whats- App- Updates
WhatsApp updates

Whats App Updates add Callback,Voicemail & Zip File Sending Feature soon :

We always eagerly wait for new features in Whatsapp time to time. If you are part of that category, here is the good news for you. Whatsapp is introducing few new features in the coming update. Those features are already live in Whatsapp beta version right now. Here is the list of new features we can experience soon.
Call back: Whatsup introduced Voice calls few months back. To add more functionality to this, Whatsapp spiced it up with the Call Back feature. If you missed any Whatsapp call from your contact, you would immediately get Call back feature.
No need to open Whatsapp to call back the contact again, just tap the callback notification, which appears on your phone’s notification panel.
ZIP file support : In the initial days, WhatsApp supported only images and videos as attachments. Few days back Whatsapp began to support a few more file types. With the latest move, you will be allowed to send ZIP files also as the Whatsapp attachments.
ZIP support is big news for those we want to transfer different types of data through Whatsapp. You can compress unsupported files also within the ZIP file and transfer it to the recipient.
Voice Mail : The wasp is introducing Voice Mail feature also exclusive to the iOS Users. Android users have to wait few months to get this. If you fail to contact anyone through Whatsapp call, then you can record a voice mail to get in touch with them. It sounds like traditional voice mail features available in Landline and mobile phones.
Video Calling : As per the leaks, I’m getting, Whatsapp is also planning to introduce Video Calling feature to iOS users initially. The same will be rolled out to the Android users later.
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