Watch Story of all The Social Media Freak

Story of all The Social Media Freak

Story of all the Social Media Freak ( ODF )

A Story of all the Social Media Freak : Ever since the invent of Facebook, everything has changed. People and their behavior, the definition of friendship, Liking & Loving, Trolls – Damn everything. Once there was Obsessive Cleanliness Disorder, but thanks to social media, a new disorder has been created.We have Apps , Social Media Platforms for doing almost anything and obviously to stalk as well.

This is just a few numbers, there are definitely more social media platforms where we are hooked on 24/7. As Just like the way you are addicted to IndianTalks. If you have a friend who pops up some random Facebook Quotes while talking, beware he is indeed a patient of OSMD -Obsessive Social Media disorder. If you have one of this kinda friend you will so badly relate with this Old Delhi Films video.So, Did you relate with this, or names of any friend popped up? Share this with your friends who are suffering from OSMD. Get well soon !!!!

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