Watch Sambhavtaha Full Movie Online in HD Streaming on ZEE5

Watch Sambhavtaha Full Movie Online In HD
Watch Sambhavtaha Full Movie Online in HD

Watch Sambhavtaha is a ZEE Original short drama film starring Vikas Patil, Devendra Gaikwad, Vitthal Kale, and Shweta Kulkarni. Sambhavtaha about A farmer decides to rebel for his land and stop the village from becoming a concerete jungle. Watch Sambhavtaha Full Movie Online in HD Streaming now on ZEE5 from May 25, 2020.

Director Gaurav Madan who won several awards for this short film tries to tell the story of a farmer who decides to fight the system. As we all know, farmers since the past few years, have been facing tremendous problems in the country be it due to famines or debts. Many farmers have committed suicide prompting the government into re-thinking several of their policy decisions and development models.


Sambhavtaha, too tells the story of one such farmer, Vinobha who also when faced with a dire situation has no option but to turn rebellious and take matters into his own hands. Vinobha, who takes the sickle in his hands and tries to kill one official while making the other two fight comes across as an earnest man. (Ghoomketu)

However, the film exudes depth and grit and the treatment of the plight of farmers comes across as very realistic. Peepli Live, which also was based on farmer suicides had a satirical take, yet it is Sambhavtaha who puts the finger on the problem. From the trailer, it did seem compelling enough, and as the film unfolds you realize it is keeping you at the edge of your seat. One has to marvel at the way Gaurav Madan handled a sensitive topic with such finesse and condensed it into a 22-minute film. Watch Sambhavtaha Full Movie Online in HD Streaming on ZEE5.

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