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Watch Johaar Full Movie Online Streaming on Aha.Video


Watch Johaar Full Movie Online in HD Quality 1080p Streaming on AHA App. Johaar Movie Cast Chaitanya Krishna, Naina Ganguly, Esther Anil, Ankith Koyya, Easwari Rao, Subhalekha Sudhakar, CVL, and others. However, director Teja Marni has created a political thriller called ‘Johaar’ which takes an important social aspect to show how politicians play with people’s lives for their selfishness. The Johaar film was released on August 14 on the OTT platform ‘Aha’. (Johaar Review)

Johaar Movie Story about death of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Achutharamaiah (Chalapathirao), his son Vijay Verma (Chaitanya Krishna) ascends the CM pedestal. Achutharamaiah seeks to build a huge idol in the name of his father’s name to go down in history and for the people to want him to be God.

His decision was to build a hostel for orphaned children by Gangamma (Ishwarirao), a poor woman farmer from Uddanam area, a child (Naina Ganguly) who was trying to fulfill her athlete’s dream by performing a circus on the streets of Visakhapatnam, and Jyoti (Easter Anil), the daughter of a prostitute who ran away from home to become a well-educated doctor. The film is about the impact on the lives of Bose (Shubhalekha Sudhakar), an old man who wanders around the collector’s office for funds.

Johaar a satirical and emotional political drama that takes on the most important aspect of current politics. Watch Johaar Full Movie Online in HD Streaming Aha.

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