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VIVO Xchange Program Partnership With Cashify in India


Vivo India has launched Vivo Xchange program a new trade-in offer that lets you exchange old phones and upgrade to a new Vivo smartphone on Vivo in-house e-commerce website shop.vivo.com/in. VIVO company has partnered with leading online e-commerce brand Cashify.in for seamless exchange process. As an introductory offer, The Vivo is offering an additional Rs. 1000 bump-up exchange of their old Vivo smartphones from 16th – 19th January 2019.

VIVO Xchange Program offer follow steps:

  • Go to Vivo e-store and choose the device that you want to buy
  • Click on the “check availability” to know whether the exchange offer is applicable for your City
  • Get the VIVO Xchange Program quote for your old smartphone, powered by Cashify.in and place the order after accepting the quote
  • The new Vivo smartphone will be delivered to your address, once the order is placed
  • Further, Cashify.in will schedule the pickup of your old device and they will give instant payment for it, as per the quote agreed earlier

Commenting on the partnership, Jerome Chen, Senior VP, Vivo India, said:

Being a customer-centric brand, Vivo has always aimed to offer great value to its fans. Under this partnership, The customers can now seamlessly exchange their old phones and upgrade to a brand new Vivo smartphone of their choice. We are pleased to partner with Cashify.in as the exclusive buy back partner for Vivo in India.

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