Vipin Khadse MBBS Student Helped Pregnant Woman Deliver A Baby On Moving Train

Vipin Khadse 24-year-old MBBS final year student helped a woman to give birth to a baby on Moving Train Ahmedabad-Puri Express Train, After Getting Instruction From Seniors On WhatsApp. Vipin Khadse to be a surgeon and is currently training at the Government Medical College & Hospital in Nagpur.

MBBS Student Helped Pregnant Woman Deliver A Baby On Moving Train
Vipin took things into his own hands and completed this complicated task but as he is the final student and had no experience. However, when no doctor could be found on the train, he offered his assistance.who reportedly went into labour Pains on the train on Friday.

Vipin Khadse said that the train was about 30km Away from Nagpur when Chitralekha’s relatives pulled the chain to halt the train near Wardha junction. “The ticket collector and guard were looking for a doctor on the train. Initially, I kept quiet presuming there could be some experienced doctor. But, when they came for the second round of inquiry, he soon then decided to help the Women. As he was a student and not fully Trained to conduct any delivery, he had to taken help from senior Lady doctors via Whats App.

MBBS Student Vipin Khadse took to facebook to share this news after which the news is going viral.

Speaking to Times of India, Vipin Khadse said when he first reached near the woman she was bleeding. “The delivery was complicated because instead of the head, the baby’s shoulder was hanging out of the vagina. I uploaded a photo in a WhatsApp group of doctors for help. A senior resident Shikha Malik guided me on the phone to conduct the delivery. I had to use chilled water bottles to stop her bleeding. The amniotic fluid had completely dried. A midwife on the train helped me.
As per the report, soon after the train reached Nagpur station, a lady doctor along with her team took the charge, and the new parents continued their journey with medication.Vipin said that every doctor should know how to help a woman in labour.
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