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Vijay Devarakonda Rowdy Brand Clothing Stopped Selling on Amazon


The Bengaluru court on Friday passed an interim judgement ordering e-commerce website Amazon India to stop the sale of counterfeit goods which were being passed off as made by Rowdy, the apparel Rowdy Brand owner by Telugu actor Vijay Deverakonda. The Rowdy Brand Clothing was sold on the website by local vendors with Vijay Deverakonda images on the packaging material under the name ‘Generic’. The Vijay Devarakonda Rowdy Brand Clothing Stopped Selling on Amazon. Tollywood Actor Vijay Devarakonda Rowdy Brand Clothing Line launched in July last year.

According to the report by the BarBench.com, The Rowdywear Pvt. Ltd. filed the trademark infringement suit earlier this month, alleging the sale of counterfeit Rowdy merchandise on Amazon India at the City Civil Court in Bengaluru, as the company is headquartered in the same city. They also alleged that the actor’s Vijay Deverakonda images were being used in the packaging material of the products, thus violating his right to privacy and indulging in unlawful publicity.

Speaking to the TNM, Akarsh, assistant to actor Vijay Deverakonda, said that the issue had come to notice earlier this month when the managers of Vijay Devarakonda Rowdy Brand wear found the products being sold on the e-commerce websites as part of their routine checks.

The suit was filed in the wake of severe counterfeiting of all the variants of t-shirts bearing the Rowdy trademarks, by certain manufacturers in the Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and  Telangana. The City Civil and Sessions Judge on Friday held that a prima facie case has been established against the defendants. The Bengaluru Court, therefore, granted an ex-parte interim injunction in Vijay Devarakonda favor. The defendants have been restrained from using a Vijay Devarakonda’s trademarks and passing off Rowdy merchandise as their own.

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