Valiyaperunnal Malayalam Movie Review and Rating

Valiyaperunnal Malayalam Movie Review Rating
Valiyaperunnal Review Rating

Valiyaperunnal Malayalam Movie Review: Valiyaperunnal Movie Starring Shane Nigam, Himika Bose, Joju George, Sudheer Karamana, Alencier, Captain Raju, Soubin Shahir, Vinayakan. Valiyaperunnal Malayalam romantic comedy-drama movie directed by debutante Dimal Dennis and scripted jointly by Dimal Dennis and Thasreeq Abdul Salam.


Valiyaperunnal Movie Story:

Mattacherry and Kochi based movies are not new in Malayalam. Valiyaperunaal sets in Mattancherry, the film passes on courses through the lives of Akkar (Shane Nigam) and his companions. The film says about their lives, which is not as cool as it looks. Their families are obligation ridden, houses are going to die and they under the risk of neighborhood mafias. Individuals wish to have an average existence, yet more often than not, they are denied it. That powers the youngsters into circumstances they would prefer truly not to be associated with.

Valiyaperunnal Malayalam Movie Review:

The idea behind the content of Valiyaperunaal is one of the most hard-hitting and amazing ones which one has gone over in the ongoing occasions. Because of the idea, the film resembles a progression of occasions that is going on before our eyes. One needs to offer it to Dimal Dennis and Thasreeq Abdul Salam for the sort of research behind the film.

The spoilsport, in any case, is as the film’s screenplay which is by all accounts a ceaseless adventure of gore aplenty at consistently step. Despite the fact that it’s a given that movies of such type demand the need to show slaughter and like premises, however, the manner by which these successions have been scripted and shot, truly begins testing your understanding at standard interims.

Valiyaperunnal Movie Verdict:

Valiyaperunnal is an astutely made entertainer. Dimal Dennis makes a decent adventure that is imploring for its crime thrilling premises of Mattancherry. Shane Nigam enraptures in his magnetic job overflowing with horrible grandeur. The film isn’t for everyone.

Valiyaperunnal Rating: 3/5.

Valiyaperunnal Movie Rating
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valiyaperunnal-malayalam-movie-reviewValiyaperunnal Movie Starring Shane Nigam, Himika Bose, Joju George, Sudheer Karamana, Alencier, Captain Raju, Soubin Shahir, Vinayakan.