Vadham Web Series All Episodes Watch Online Free on MX Player

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Vadham web series all episodes watch online free on mx player
Vadham Web Series All Episodes Watch Online Free on MX Player

Vadham Web Series 2021 Starring Shruthi Hariharan, Ashwathy Ravikumar, Preethisha Lakshmanan, Semmalar Annam, Vivek Rajagopal, MJ Sriram, Divya, and Krishnamoorthy in pivotal roles and has been written and directed by Venkatesh Babu. Watch Vadham Web Series All Episodes Online Free on MX Player.

Vadham Web Series Story about Inspector Sakthi Pandian is determined to solve the murder of an influential businessman alongside an ‘all-women’ task force. The truth that she unravels as she digs deeper into the case tests her limits in ways unimaginable.


Watch Vadham Web Series All Episodes on MX Player

Episode 1 – The murder of Vignesh, an associate of minister Anandan, puts pressure on the police to solve it immediately. The case is assigned to the brilliant, young IPS officer Sakthi Pandiyan.

Episode 2 – Sakthi is in two minds about continuing in the police force. Her father, friends, and boyfriend, Diwa, play a support system. Meanwhile, Sakthi’s team of all-women police officers (AWPS) is introduced.

Episode 3 – Sakthi’s investigation resumes after the snatching and recovery of her evidence box. She cross-checks everything from the victim’s history to post-mortem report to the crime scene and beyond. Sakthi’s friend, Venky, is tasked to retrieve the missing footage from the crime scene’s CCTV.

Episode 4 – Sakthi and friends aren’t too kind to the injured but safe Venky. SI Ramani has a troubling situation with her daughter at school. While Diwa’s mother surprises him with a marriage proposal, Sakthi gets a strong lead on Venky’s assailant.

Episode 5 – Venky identifies his attacker. Sakthi and the team throw a surprise birthday party for SI Maya. Just when Vignesh’s case is about to reach a cul-de-sac, Sakthi’s father comes up with a brilliant theory.

Episode 6 – Minister Anandan puts pressure on Sakthi’s handling of the case. She calls her team for an emergency regroup, which turns into something else altogether.

Episode 7 – The mystery woman, Sandhya reveals her backstory, that of a girl raised by her father on his own. However, a heinous incident turns her and her father’s life upside down.

Episode 8 – Ramani, Maya, and Mercy explain to Sakthi how Sandhya’s rape case was shushed by Vignesh using his political power and how that led them to murder Vignesh. Sakthi has to weigh her morality against law to make her next move with Vignesh’s case.

Episode 9 – The AWPS searches for the two other rapists in Sandhya’s case. When they ruffle some feathers, Sakthi gets another call from Anandan’s office, where an unexpected foe emerges.

Episode 10 – Iruthayaraj’s custodial death puts an end to Sakthi’s investigation. Vaidyanathan decides to make Sakthi and the team pay and it results in a heavy loss. It is now do or die for Sakthi, with only Vaidyanathan between her and justice.