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Use Facebook Without Internet Connection


Use Facebook Without Internet Connection: Latest Good News to Facebook addicts is that the social networking website is going to be to be had offline. Yes, Facebook can be accessed without internet. The net giant has currently announced that the site might be made to be had without using the internet. According to a Facebook spokesperson, caching content on a phone will enable a consumer to access applicable unread content material. It is stated that the adjustments being made are aimed at improving news feed for everyone, irrespective of the speed in their net connection.

This move by way of a social networking site is a boon for the users in growing nations, wherein the maximum of the users get entry to the site on smartphones over sluggish 2G connections. After the brand new alternative, the customers can be able to access formerly unread content material, not like the current version wherein best the latest and the most applicable stories are shown at the top.
Use Facebook Without Internet or Data Plan From Any Mobile Last time we have seen; You Have 3 Passwords For Your FB Account [Facebook Security] and today we are going to see how to use Facebook without data plan nor internet and with any old version mobile.

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