TS govt Renaming Central Schemes, says MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar

Ts govt renaming central schemes, says bandi

BJP State President and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar alleged that the State government was not providing matching grants for certain Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS), which has resulted in development taking a back seat in the State. Speaking at the Budget 2021 meeting organized by the BJP in association with the Laghu Udyog Bharathi here on Saturday, Bandi Sanjay Kumar said the recent Budget is aimed at the development and not to seek votes or to retain power. He said there is criticism that the Union Budget has nothing for Telangana.

“Every budget, such criticism is always leveled. So far, we have not heard any comments from Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, Finance Minister T Harish Rao, or the TRS in this regard. It implies that they are not unhappy with the Budget,” he said. He, however, did not elaborate on what Telangana has received in the Budget or the kind of support that is being extended to the State from the Centre.


KCR has turned the rich State of Telangana into a debt-ridden one. The Telangana State is not using Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture on the schemes being implemented in the State and the Central schemes are being implemented here by changing their name,” Bandi alleged. He said Telangana’s Mission Bhagiratha is Jal Mission and the 2 BHK scheme is the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, he alleged.

“The effort is to build a strong India. In Telangana too, the effort is to ensure that the youth have a future. Bangaru Telangana is just an adage. We are working for an empowered Telangana,” he said. The BJP government has supported the MSMEs and efforts have been taken to ensure that the allocated Budgets are put to use. He predicted that the State Budget will be just a jugglery of numbers.

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