Truecaller Spotted Testing VoIP Calling Service for Premium Subscribers

Truecaller Spotted Testing VoIP Calling Service

The Truecaller Spotted Testing VoIP Calling Service for Premium Subscribers in India, The Truecaller has been adding new features to its eponymous caller ID app at a steady pace over the past few months and recently crossed the milestone of 100 million users in India as well. The Truecaller Spotted Testing VoIP Calling Service a new feature that lets the Truecaller users make voice calls over data. Popularly known as the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calling, the new feature is only available to the small bunch of Truecaller users in India who have a premium account. Truecaller VoIP feature currently appears to be in beta-testing, and there is no word when it will be rolled out to all users.

The VoIP calling feature is reportedly available to only a small number of the Truecaller Premium users. However, it is not clear if there are any criteria behind receiving the VoIP feature for those who have availed the Premium tier of Truecaller’s caller ID services, as not all the Premium subscribers can access the feature. It is also not clear whether Truecaller Premium Gold subscribers have also been included in the VoIP feature’s testing circle.


We can independently verify that the VoIP feature is now available to some of the Truecaller Premium users, but it is not uniformly available to all users. We reached out to TrueCaller regarding a confirmation, but so far, the company is yet to officially confirm the rollout of VoIP feature for all Truecaller Premium users. We’ll keep you updated once the wider rollout of Truecaller’s VoIP feature begins. 

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