Thimmarusu Movie Review and Rating (3/5), Hit or Flop Talk

Thimmarusu movie review and rating

Thimmarusu movie casts Satyadev and Priyanka Jawalkar are in the lead roles along with Ajay, Ankith Koyya, Brahmaji, Aadarsh Balakrishna, Harsha Chemudu, Praveen, Jhansi, Sandhya Janak, Ravi Babu, Chaitanya Rao Madadi are seen in supporting roles has Directed by Sharan Koppisetty has hits theaters today (July 30). Thimmarusu Movie Review and Ratings has Receviced Positive Talk From Movie Lovers. Let’s Check out Thimmarusu Movie Review, Story, Rating, Verdict, Hit, or Flop Talk.

Thimmarusu Movie Story:

Ram Chandra (Satyadev) is an intelligent lawyer, who fights for justice rather than for money. He reopens the eight-year-old murder mystery case. A Cab driver was found murdered. Corrupt police officer Bhupati Raju (Ajay), frames an innocent young guy in the murder. After eight years, Ram Chandra re-opens the case and attempts to find the real culprits and free the innocent guy. Why does Ram re-opens the case and how does he solve it? To get this answer, one should watch Thimmarusu movie in theaters.


Thimmarusu Movie Review:

Thimmarusu is a remake of the Kannada movie ‘Birbal’ (2019) is a crime thriller for the most part. The first half takes off on a solid note. The murder that happened in 2011 is narrated from three points of view. The first two viewpoints are engaging. By the time the third one arrives, the film starts to drag. The workplace comedy involving Satyadev, Brahmaji, and Priyanka Jawalkar can be enjoyed if you don’t have high expectations.

The problem begins in the second half, The Thimmarusu plot thickens and the writing is too dense. The investigation scenes could have been way better. Instead, what we get are accidental discoveries from the male lead. The motive for the crime is too old-school. The villains don’t make the cut in terms of impact. By the time the climax arrives, the Thimmarusu film tires out the audience with its many investigation scenes. Satyadev’s character should have made his emotional involvement more clear.

Thimmarusu Movie Verdict:

Overall, Thimmarusu is an Edge-of-the-seat entertaining crime thriller in the garb a semi-courtroom drama with a brilliant performance from Satya Dev, and makes up for a decent watch this weekend.

Thimmarusu Movie Rating: 3/5.

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