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Thikka Review Rating

Thikka Movie Review Thikka Movie Rating

Movie : Thikka
Director : Sunil Reddy
Producer : Dr. Rohin Reddy
Music Director : SS. Thaman
Starring : Sai Dharam Tej, LarissaBonesi, Mannara
Release date : August 13, 2016
Thikka Movie Rating : 2./5


Sai Dharam Tej Thikka Movie Review (2/5) Rating Public Talk

Thikka Story : Going to the Thikka movie story Adithya (Sai Dharam Tej) is a working professional who enjoys his life as any employed bachelor. On a very first sight of Anjali (LarissaBonessi) who hits his car, he falls for her. He makes her fall for him. Irritated by his nature Anjali breaks with him and gives him a letter which Adithya don’t read. Adithya by this breakup is very upset and parties with his friends with sadness and creates huge ruckus wherever they go.Finally they go to Anjali’s marriage venue and creates problem calling Anjali out. He then receives a call from Anjali asking him to come to the regular place as per the plan in the letter. Why did she break with him?? What is the plan in the letter?? How he solved all the problems forms the rest of the story.

Stars Performance: Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej is nice as Adithya.He is improving a lot from movie to movie. He is not so convincing when he talks sober . He looks good but in the same look as his previous movies. LarissaBonessi is okay as Anjali. Mannara Chopra is good. She looks beautiful in some scenes. Satya as a friend of Aditya, Steve is good. Sapthagiri and Tagubothu Ramesh are hilarious. Ali is good to show him as bald looks artificial and unconvincing. Ajay is psychotic and performed well. Rajendra Prasad is impressive as Aditya’s father. Actor Vennela Kishore is super funny as Jayanth. All other artists are fine for their roles.
Analysis: The Thikka movie doesn’t seem to have a story at all. The plot of the film is as thin as a wafer. The director of the film Sunil Reddy managed to cover the loophole with comedy but was successful only up to some extent. The first half of the movie is very interesting with twists and comedy. Ali, Vennela Kishore, Taghubothu Ramesh, Sapthagiri did their parts well in entertaining the audience. The second half of the movie got diverted from the track. Many scenes were really confusing and are dragged unnecessarily. The screenplay is mediocre but the direction in a second half of the movie is shaky.Over the entire movie did entertain the audience but have many loopholes in their particular department. 

Music : Coming to Thikka songs Hello Hai and Tikka Tikka songs are picturized in trendy manner and these two songs looked ok on screen. Music director Thaman appeared in Hello Hai song. A Dirty picture is an item song aimed at masses. Other songs doesn’t make any impression, ends up as filler songs.

Final Verdict: Thikka Movie – Story Apt For The Title.
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