The Foreigner Short Film By Ram Gopal Varma

Rgv's The foreigner Short Film is Directed by Taruna Khanagwal under RGV Talkies.

The FOREIGNER Short Film
Ram Gopal Varma The FOREIGNER Short

Ram Gopal Varma not only went on to release the trailer of his new web series titled Guns and Thighs, but he also released a new short film titled Main Sunny Leone Banna Chahti Hai. Now he is back with his new The Foreigner short film, which itself already went viral on the internet. Director Tarun Khanagwal has got his qualities The concept is too bold and the style of making is pathetic. Looks like RGV is making all his assistants follow him in making the worst films.

With ‘The Foreigner Short Film, RGV opens up a conversation that’s been pending for a long while – the ‘foreign aspect’ that foreign women face when they come to India. A single foreign girl (Alexandra Gold) begins living in a new building and decides to hire a plumber. The plumber is enraptured by her beauty and introduces her to his friends – all from specific strata of society. What happens next forms the rest of the film.


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The Foreigner Short Film has a great storyline and a tight script. The concept keeps the audience gripped. Definitely one of the better short films.

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