Telangana Women Police Patrolling on Bikes in Hyderabad City

Telangana Women Police Patrolling on Bikes in Hyderabad
Telangana Women Police Patrolling on Bikes in Hyderabad

The Telangana women police patrolling on bikes in the Hyderabad city soon. The initiative ‘Women on Wheels‘ is aimed to put women police at par with men colleagues to avert crimes on women, said Additional Commissioner Shika Goel. Elaborating about the newly launched initiative of city police, Hyderabad Additional Commissioner (Crime and SIT) Shika Goel told ANI,

“The main purpose of launching ‘Women on Wheels’ was to empower women including our women constables. As the number of women constables is increasing in the police force, it is very essential to mainstream them so that they can perform all the duties like male constables. The women who are now joining forces are very capable and confident of doing all the duties. They have also started realizing that they are not less than male cops and capable of performing every task.”

Twenty teams of women constables will be patrolling on two-wheelers in 17 sub-division in Hyderabad. On daily basis, the women officers will be attending 100 calls, complaints and prevent crime and build community relationships. For this, women constables have been provided with two-month training in driving skills, unarmed combat, and technological initiatives, the Additional Commissioner added.

Expressing happiness over the initiative, police constable Bushra told ANI, “Normally, male cops do patrolling and it is for the first time that female officers will be on patrolling duty. This is something, which makes us extremely happy with a feeling that we are not less than men.

Telangana women Police Patrolling on Bikes in Hyderabad

For the initiative, around 47 Telangana women constables will be given special training on patrolling, improving driving skills, blue coat system and more.

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