Telangana New Revenue Act Details 2020; All you need to know

Telangana New Revenue Act Details
Telangana New Revenue Act Details

Telangana New Revenue Act Details: The Telangana government has completely streamlined the revenue department and introduced a new revenue law with a more flexible approach to the people. Telangana Chief Minister KCR today introduced the bill in the Telangana Assembly. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister KCR said that Telangana new Revenue Act would be an anthem to the sufferings of the people for decades. He said it would be good for the farmers.

Elangana New Revenue Act Details 2020


Telangana New Revenue Act Highlights: 

  1. All the information about agricultural and non-agricultural lands will be made available on the Dharani portal.
  2. The portal can be accessed from anywhere and by anyone No official will have the right to decide what should have to be done.
  3. All should act according to the new act.
  4. The land mutation will be done soon after registration
  5. Mutation power has been transferred to MRO from RDO Sub Registrars are given powers to register only non-agricultural lands
  6. MROs have the powers to register agricultural lands Can download registration documents, passbook
  7. Division of inherited land only on the joint agreement
  8. Tahsildars shall issue passbooks for lands which do not have them Criminal cases against tahsildars for violating rules
  9. Government officials cannot be sued if they make changes in the land record Agricultural loans to be issued on digital records
  10. Passbooks should not be kept in banks for granting loans
  11. VROs to be transferred to other positions on the equal scale Powers of sub-registrar are transferred to tahsildars
  12. All pending files, cases will be sent to the tribunal court with the dismissal of the 1971 act.
  13. Tribunal verdict to be finalized after the investigation
  14. Jagir lands to be registered as government lands in the revenue records
  15. Slot booking through government website for any kind of registration Coordinates for survey number to prevent illegal land encroachment.
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