TB Aarogya Sathi: Telangana govt launched mobile App to help control tuberculosis

Telangana govt launched TB Aarogya Sathi mobile App to help control tuberculosis

Tb aarogya sathi telangana govt launched mobile app to help control tuberculosis

As part of efforts to eliminate tuberculosis by 2025 and make its treatment efficient, health authorities have launched a mobile app ‘TB Aarogya Sathi’ that can be used by patients as a tool to access various TB-related services, track the availability of TB drugs and diagnostics, and even locate details of the nearest TB treatment facility.

The mobile application ‘TB Aarogya Sathi’, which currently is available on the Android platform download on the google play store, will enable patients to have access to several TB-related services in the government healthcare facilities. The TB Aarogya Sathi app essentially will empower patients and serve as a direct interface with the healthcare system, health officials said.


Apart from having unique features like a self-assessment tool to diagnose TB, the TB Aarogya Sathi app will enable patients to track their progress of treatment and also ensure adherence to the drug regimen which is a vital aspect of TB treatment.

“The TB Aarogya Sathi mobile app will enable patients to see their current treatment details along with treatment progress and diagnostic details. Patients can also track the details of funds that are transferred to their account through Director Benefit Transfer (DBT),” senior Telangana State TB health officials said.

TB Aarogya Sathi App:

Health officials said that the most vital aspect of the ‘TB Aarogya Sathi’ app is that it ensures patients have access to their digital health records at any given time. The entire patient history, diagnostic tests, list of medicines in the prescription, information on adherence to the TB treatment regimen, and patient’s prognosis during the treatment will be available through the mobile application. Citizens using the ‘TB Aarogya Sathi’ app will also have access to common FAQs regarding TB information on the symptoms of TB, and side effects of Anti TB drugs.

Health officials said that the app will be of immense use to all the concerned stakeholders involved in the elimination of TB by 2025 including medical officers, ASHA workers, para-medical staff, CHOs of Health and Wellness Centers (HWCs), TB workers, NGOs staff, Self Help Groups (SHGs) and National TB Elimination Program (NTEP).

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