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Google Maps Shows COVID 19 Hotspots Layer (2)

Google Maps Shows COVID-19 Hotspots Layer for Safely Navigation

More than one billion people turn to Google Maps for essential information about how to get from place to placeā€“especially during the pandemic when safety concerns are top of mind. COVID-19 alerts in transit...
Google Maps Incognito Mode Arrived on Android Devices

Google Maps Incognito Mode Arrived on Android Devices

Incognito Mode for Google Maps: Google offers Incognito mode in Chrome browser, YouTube, etc and the company has been testing Incognito mode in Maps as well for some time. After testing the feature with...

Google Maps Voice Guidance Feature for Visually impaired

Google Maps Voice Guidance Feature: Google recently added automatic image descriptions for people with low vision in the Chrome browser. Similarly, now, Google Maps is rolling out a new feature that gives visually impaired...

Google Maps Stay Safer Feature for Android Devices in India

Google Maps Stay Safer Feature: The Google Maps has been getting the host of new features recently like live train status, AR navigation, speed limits and speed traps, and more. Similarly, today, Google is...