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Google adsense app disappeared from both ios and android (2)

Google AdSense App Disappeared From Both iOS and Android

In July 2019, Google announced shuttering down its Google Adsense App on both iOS and Android. Google announced it would be changing the mobile experience of Google Adsense for publishers by discontinuing the stand-alone...
Google Adsense Full-Screen Inline Ads

Google Introduced Google Adsense Full-Screen Inline Ads

Google launched a new ad format for the Google AdSense ad units named full-screen inline ads. Google Adsense Full-screen inline ads are full-screen banner ads that appear inline with your content as a user...
Google adsense anchor ads now supports on wider screens

Google AdSense Anchor Ads on Wider Screens

Google AdSense Anchor Ads now Supports on Wider Screens such as desktop after 19 July, the Anchor Ads that stick to the top or bottom of the page as you scroll, Google Adsense launched...
Google AdSense First Party Cookies Settings

Google AdSense First-Party Cookies Settings on your site

Google AdSense has a new feature to enable you to now choose whether Google can use first-party cookies on your site. Google said it may use first-party cookies when third-party cookies are not available....
Google Adsense Launched in Marathi

Google Adsense Launched in Marathi

Google Adsense in Marathi: Building on the support for Indian language for ad solutions, Google India announced support for Marathi for Google AdSense. With Google Adsense Launched in Marathi, Google has now scaled up...