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Taboola Review 2020
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Taboola Review: During the past couple of years, websites that rely on display advertising to monetize their existing traffic base have had a number of additional opportunities made available to them. It’s no longer Google AdSense or bust; there are now several creative monetization solutions that are available to publishers both big and small. Taboola Ads on most popular news websites like India.comIBTimes, Hindustan Times, and few other popular news websites.


Taboola Review: What is Taboola? 

Taboola is a contextual ad network similar to Outbrain, nRelate, etc. I feel that the best contextual ad network as of now is Outbrain which will soon be replaced by Taboola for sure as they are expanding very fast. From my experience, Outbrain is invite based and you have to wait for an invitation from them in order to participate in their publisher program.

Taboola is also a kind of invite basis but you can contact them and tell them your stats of your blog to get started with their ad program. If you have a blog with decent traffic then the chances of you getting approval from Taboola are high.

Those Taboola ads appear along the sidebar and below the post without disturbing other ads on your blog/website. Generally, the Taboola ads right below the post perform best. These ads just look similar to related posts on your blog and the reader tends to click on the ads which interest them. Thereby generating a very high ctr.

Few Tips to Make Most out of Taboola: 

  • Place the Taboola ads right below the article to get high CTR.
  • You would be having a dedicated manager if you get approval for a Taboola account as the publisher. Be in touch with your account manager and ask them what can be done to improve the performance. Their support is great and responds within a few hours.
  • Place the ads away from Google Adsense as we tend to get good CPC’s on Google Adsense. So make sure this revenue is not affecting Adsense Revenue.
  • Taboola publisher requirements: Try this network only if you are having decent traffic of at least 20,000 visitors a day or else you won’t get much benefit from this network.
  • To boost your revenue also get started using the right sidebar widget of Taboola.
    You can visit Taboola.
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