Super Sanskari Sarees Creates ‘Rape-Proof Clothing’ to Victim Shaming


Super Sanskari Sarees: Recently, the society stood against a middle-aged woman from the capital city of Delhi who claimed that girls wearing short clothes should be raped. She was convinced that girls wear short and revealing clothes to entice therapists. Activists from Sayfty, an organization that empowers women against the $exual abuse, have found a perfect reply for the victim-blaming attitudes in India and its rape culture. They have introduced ‘Anti-Rape Sarees’ to address the broader problem of blaming women for their clothes for $exual violence.

The website, explains sarcastically: “These Super Sanskari* Sarees are made with anti-rape technology and, according to some Indians, will make women invisible to rapists. Protect yourself from prying eyes and unwelcome penises with this ultra-modest collection. Because when there’s nothing to see, there’s nothing to rape.”


Taking the issue head-on, a group of young people has come up with the “Super Sanskari Saree“, an answer to all the people who claim women get raped because of their clothes. Boston-based content writer Tanvi Tandon co-founded a satire website that explores societal ‘rules’ and perceptions about women’s safety and clothing through the lens of sharp satire.

The four-member team behind the website includes Anish, a copywriter at BBDO Chicago, Miklas Manneke, Senior Art Director, and James Barkley, who is an Associate Creative Director.

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