Sunnyleone’s One Night Stand Movie Review & Rating Hit or Flop

One Night Stand Movie Review & Rating: One Night Stand is a 2016 Hindi thriller film written by Bhavani Iyer and directed by Jasmine D’Souza. One Night Stand features Sunny Leone, Nyra Banerjee and Tanuj Virwani in the lead roles. Principal photography was wrapped up in 55 days and filming locations include Mumbai, Bangkok, and Pune.The film was released on 6 May 2016.
Sunny Leone is the only name that is familiar with respect to the film One Night Stand. And the expectations or the weighting factor would undoubtedly be about the amount of oomph she has generated in the film. Unfortunately for such fans, One Night Stand has hardly anything compared to her previous 7 films where she played the lead. Though the title is titillating to pull the crowds, the movie doesn’t have that Sunny factor.

 One Night Stand Movie Review & Rating

  • Directed by: Jasmine Moses D’souza
  • Produced by: Pradeep Sharma, Furquan Khan
  • Written by: Niranjan Iyengar Story by Bhavani Iyer
  • Starring: Sunny Leone, Tanuj Virwani, Nyra Banerjee
  • Music by Songs: Jeet Gannguli, Meet Bros, Tony Kakkar, Vivek Kar
  • Releasing Date: 06/05/2016
  • One Night Stand Movie Rating – 2/5

One Night Stand Movie Review & Rating | one Night Stand Movie Hit or Flop | One Night Stand Box Office Collection :

One Night Stand Movie Story: After a steamy night filled with passion, Urvil (Tanuj Virwani) and Celina (Sunny Leone) return to their regular lives. He is a typical young achiever with a lovely wife by his side, who has no idea about his sexcapades. Celina is devotedly married to a top-notch businessman and has the most picture-perfect family. But, Urvil cannot get her out of his mind. He becomes an obsessive stalker who wouldn’t settle for anything less than either having her or destroying her.

One Night Stand Movie Review: The first thing that will come to your mind while watching this movie: ‘Is Bollywood finally growing up?’ To her credit, Jasmine Moses D’souza has dared to think out of the box. She is confident enough to show her hero as a philandering man, her heroine as a woman who pleasures herself in a dalliance and dares to leave it just at that.

It is novel to see one night stands as something besides being prequels to stormy love affairs. Also, finally there is a filmmaker who can break the stereotype and portray Sunny Leone as a perfect mother, a supportive wife, and a doting daughter-in-law. However, Jasmine and her writer Bhavani Iyer, manage to whip up only a half-baked, predictable plot ridden with cliches.

Performance: The narrative has its own merits but lacks coherence. The mood changes from sultry to somber in no time. The situations are so banal that it fails to evoke any sympathy. Be it Urvil’s marriage that goes downhill once he starts obsessing about Celina or the impact his behavior has on her family life and her psyche, the filmmaker doesn’t spend much time elaborating these. Naturally, the drama runs thin by the second hour. The heavy climax speech with its feminist undertones is poorly performed. The points raised are well made but is too preachy for liking.
Sometimes good actors do have the power to exalt a mediocre script, but both Sunny Leone and Tanuj fail to sink their teeth deep into their characters. Their acting lacks flair. She never looks genuinely harrowed and his demeanor is far from dangerous.

The positive point of the movie :

  • The movie has good music and I am sure that can help movie a lot.
  • The movie has good buzz because of Sunny Leone because she is the Brand for people nowadays.
  • The movie has a good direction with the erotic presentation.

The negative point of the movie :

  • The movie has not that good story but it’s not the main stream.
  • I think the screenplay is not that good and that could be the weak point for the movie.
  • The movie failed to connect with emotion a lot of times and that’s important for the audience.
Verdict: One Night Stand is essentially an erotic thriller without any head or toe in it. It is a soulless movie, which only portrays the skin show on the silver screen. However, such films often survive to see a certain section of the audience often wait to catch such films and Mastizaade and the Kya Super Cool Hai Hum 3 have gained some good amount of moolah. The film has nothing much to enjoy on the silver screen, which means it deserves a low rating.
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