SunnyLeone Topless Photo Flashes On GHMC ‘s Website ?

GHMC Website Reportedly Hacked: The official website of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation had been hacked by the hackers and the hacking resulted in a topless photo of porn star Sunny Leone which popped up on the website. It is reported that the visitors count of the website had been increased by 16% after the incident. The complete details about the update are given below.


GHMC Website Reportedly Hacked As Sunny Leone’s Topless Photo Pops Up On Website!

The Hackers didn’t even leave the Government official websites for hacking. The latest report that was received by the sources is that the civic body of Hyderabad Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation’s official website had also been hacked by the unknown people and this resulted in a topless photo of Sunny Leone popping up on the home page of the website.

A topless photo of actress appeared on the website with a caption under it saying ‘Having Fun In The Shower’ appeared first on GHMC offsite real time monitoring system which tracks the garbage trucks.The technical team immediately responded and however managed to remove the pic from the website but the photo continued to appear on many linked pages. Phone calls have been flooded to the officials about the incident and the officials managed to take off the photo from the website.

An internal probe had been ordered to find out the hackers and the officials said that the Centre For Good Governance will look after the maintenance of the website and so the CGG officials should be held responsible for the glitch. However the CGG officials reported that they were not responsible for it and they are working on to find the hackers.Vijay Kiran Reddy an official from Center For Good Governance said that ‘We cannot be held responsible. As far as we know, the agreement between the operating company and the corporation was terminated’

Sunny Leone Nude Photo Flashes On Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)’s Website!