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Sun Halo in Hyderabad: Rare 22 Degree Circular Sun Halo Spotted

A Rare 22 Degree Circular Sun Halo Spotted in Hyderabad


Sun Halo in Hyderabad: The Residents of Hyderabad on Wednesday witnessed a circular rainbow around the sun for one hour beginning from 11 am. It was formed in the clear sky. Scientists call the rare phenomenon as Kaleidoscopic Effect. The rainbow-like halo encircles the sun in 22 degrees radius.

Halo is not a rainbow, it is different, as the name suggests, the phenomenon occurs, when a circle having a radius having approximately 22 degrees forms around the sun. A similar phenomenon is believed to be common with the moon, during the winter.

Watch Sun Halo in Hyderabad:

A bright halo was around the sun was also spotted in Bengaluru on May 24, 2021. Residents have shared the pictures and videos of the halo with relatives and friends and they went viral on social media. Even mainstream media also telecasted news of the halo.

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