Sumanth Ashwin’s Right Right Telugu Movie Review,Rating Public Talk

Right Right Movie Review, Rating Public Response: ‘Right Right’ Telugu Movie has hit the theaters today 10th june 2016,which is directed by Manu. This is the first film for Manu in Tollywood. The film is starring Sumanth Ashwin and Pooja Jhaveri. J. Vamsi Krishna is the producer and M.V. Narasimhulu is the Co-Producer. Music is composed by J.B.

Right Right Movie Full Review, Rating Public Response – Sumanth Ashwin,Pooja Jhaveri ,Baahubali Prabhakar 

Right Right Movie Review : Sumanth Ashwin is playing the lead role in Right Right Movie along with ‘Bahubali’ actor Prabhakar who has mesmerized us all with his performances. In this movie Sumanth Ashwin will be playing the role of a bus conductor which is very satirical of his heavy body. The movie is set in a small village while the whole story takes its events in the RTC bus which is the main point in the film, somewhat resembling the Hindi feature film “Bombay to Goa”. The movie is a Comedy chemical with some action. Right Right is the Telugu remake of Malayalam movie “Ordinary”.

Right Right Movie Story : The story begins with the introduction of the hero, Ravi (Sumanth) who is a bus conductor. He aspires to become a police officer. His bus driver is Seshu (Prabhakar Gowd). They drive their RTC bus through a remote village every day. He meets and falls in love with one of the commuters, Kalyani (Pooja). Everything seems very happy-go-lucky. Ravi proposes his love to Kalyani and she accepts it. Just when we thought that everything is going smoothly, bam comes the twist! Ravi, on a fateful day is riding the bus when it collides with a person called Deva.
Deva is Nassar’s son. Nassar was actually planning Deva’s wedding, when he realizes that his son has gone missing. After colliding with the bus, Deva falls into a valley and a jeep driver sees this. He takes Deva to the hospital. Nassar files a case against Ravi and Prabhakar as they have killed his son. It is later revealed that it actually was not an accident, but a murder. Who reveals this secret? Why does someone want to kill Deva? Will Ravi and Baahubali Prabhakar be acquitted off the charges put on him? To know the answers to these questions, one must watch Right Right!
Analysis : ‘Right Right’ Movie stops short of rising above its title into something totally extraordinary, despite having a few good moments as it starts off. With an enterprising first half that fizzles out into a mediocre second half, this film could have turned out into something way above the ordinary with a tauter script.
Right Right Movie Rating : 2.5/5

Vedict : On the Whole, ‘Right Right’ Movie is definitely a watchable flick for the families and the youth, for its freshness and simplicity in storytelling and treatment. According to the trade predictions, this Ordinary is expected to have a longer trip in the B O than usual.
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