Sreemukhi Remuneration for Bigg Boss 3 Telugu

Anchor Sreemukhi Remuneration for Bigg Boss 3 Telugu: The much-awaited Indian reality show Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 has finally begun much to the excitement of the fans. The show has been receiving a humongous response from the viewers ever since its inception. It has already been speculated a long time back that the show is going to receive tremendous response from everyone just like the previous two seasons. Moreover, Telugu superstar Akkineni Nagarjuna has been roped in as the show’s host which has further added to the excitement of the fans.

The TV host and actress Sreemukhi have emerged out to be one of the most promising contestants of this season. Sreemukhi has received appreciation from host Nagarjuna Akkineni too which happens to be a moment of great pride for her. According to the latest report, Sreemukhi is getting Rs 3.5 cr remuneration for this ongoing reality show Bigg Boss 3 Telugu.

Sreemukhi remuneration is giving a shock to everyone because, in Telugu film industry, the top actresses are getting close to Rs 2 Cr but Sreemukhi is receiving Rs 3.5 Cr. She is one of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. Every single contestant who has entered the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu house will have different deals with the makers of the show. The Star Maa channel pays not just based on a participant’s popularity but also looking at the person’s ability to add value to the show.

Sreemukhi’s game is not liked by the other inmates of the house as such. She has been currently nominated among 8 other contestants for the evictions in the second week. Now, it will be interesting to see whether Sreemukhi survives the evictions or not. The show Bigg Boss Telugu 3 has its own set of controversies and issues. As per latest reports, Nagarjuna Akkineni charging Rs 12 lakh per episode. Now, the speculations about Sreemukhi charges are also raising everyone’s eyebrows.