Sonu Sood Gifts Tractor to Chittoor Farmer; After Girls Pulling Plough Video goes viral

Sonu Sood Gifts Tractor To Chittoor Farmer
Sonu Sood Gifts Tractor To Chittoor Farmer

The Bollywood actor Sonu Sood Gifts Tractor to Chittoor Farmer Nageswara Rao, after a netizen, tweeted a video of the farmer using both his daughters as oxen to Plough the field as he could not afford to hire an ox after suffering heavy losses earlier this year due to the lockdown. The video of girls pulling the Plough like oxen became viral on social media and caught the attention of actor Sonu Sood.

Responding to the video, Sonu Sood tweeted, “Tomorrow morning, he will have a pair of an ox to Plough the fields. Let the girls focus on their education. The Ox will Plough his land from tomorrow. The farmers are our country’s pride. Protect them.” Later, he said that he (Sonu Sood) will be sending a tractor to the family instead of the ox. “This family doesn’t deserve a pair of an ox. They deserve a Tractor. So sending you one. By evening a tractor will be Ploughing your fields. Stay blessed,” Sonu Sood tweeted.

Sonu Sood Gifts Tractor to Chittoor Farmer Nageswara Rao 

The daughters of a farmer Nageswara Rao were forced to pull the plough to aid their father in farming because of the acute financial hardships the family was facing because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

The farmer Nageswara Rao from Rajuvaripalle village, Madanapalle Mandal in Chittoor district, had no money to hire a tractor or oxen. So, his family decided to join him to start cultivation on their own. While the daughters, Vennela and Chandana pulled the plough, the farmer and his wife sowed the seeds.

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